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The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Rajkot, Gujarat, brings hope to those seeking quality healthcare without the burden of expenses. It falls under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), a government scheme that covers more than 23,000 private and government hospitals, providing access to top-notch medical facilities. In this article, we’ll explore how the Ayushman card grants you the privilege of free treatment and the list of hospitals in Rajkot where you can avail of this benefit.

Benefits of Ayushman Card and Hospital List:

The Ayushman card ensures you can receive various medical treatments for free. To find the complete list of PMJAY hospitals, visit the official PMJAY website and find hospitals in your state and district. Hospitals under PMJAY will offer medical services at no cost once your Ayushman card is verified.

Extensive Coverage:

The Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a blessing for the middle class, especially when facing unexpected serious illnesses. It covers about 1,400 procedures, pre-hospitalization expenses for up to three days, post-hospitalization expenses for up to 15 days, and other relevant costs, providing much-needed financial relief during medical emergencies.

A Savior for the Middle Class:

During sudden and severe illnesses, the middle class often struggles with the strain on their budgets, resorting to loans or debts. However, with an Ayushman card, these individuals can breathe a sigh of relief, as it covers incidental expenses and provides peace of mind during difficult times.

Using Ayushman Card Hospitals in Rajkot:

Suppose you possess an Ayushman card and want to use it in Rajkot, worry not! The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Rajkot includes Private and Government Hospitals where you can receive free treatment.

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Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Rajkot

Here is a list of private and Government hospitals in Rajkot that offer Ayushman Card treatment:

List of Ayushman Card Hospitals in Rajkot
(List of Private Empaneled Hospitals in Rajkot under PMJAY Scheme)

1SAKAR ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITALSakar Orthopaedic Hospital Kanakia Plot, Rajkot, Gujarat9825397371
2AAKAR HOSPITALNr. Virani Chowk, Rajkot, Gujarat8140468888
4B.T. SAVANI KIDNEY HOSPITALUniversity Road, Rajkot, Gujarat8460609008
19ISHWAR SURGICAL HOSPITALJetur Kanakiya Plot, Opp. Taluka Panchayat, Near Bhadar Colony, Bus Stand Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9898098903
22RAMANI SURGICAL HOSPITALOpp.Gayatri Temple, Atkot Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9725492555
24SHANTI MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITALSadhu Vasvani Road Off Uni Road, Opp Hp Pump, Rajkot, Gujarat8238653442
25SADBHAVNA HOSPITAL MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRESadbhavana Hospital, 150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9426785019
26KRISHNA SURGICAL HOSPITALThakorgi Aarked, Second Floor, Behind Aambedkar Bhavan, Kothariya Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9898093384
82VEDANT HOSPITALMoti Tanki Chowk Rajkot, Gujarat7202947550
84LOTUS HOSPITALKankiya Plot, Near Bus Station, Rajkot, Gujarat7434857549
85KRISHNA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALSwaminarayan Bethak, Opp. Udhyognagar Gate, Jetpur Road, Rajkot, Gujarat8849460160
86OLYMPUS HOSPITAL TANNA HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD.Vidyanagar Main Road,Rajkot, Rajkot, Gujarat9998100033
88VIRAL MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALNr Rajarshi Bajaj Showroom Gondal Rd Rajkot Gujarat, Rajkot, Gujarat9537247717
89SHREE GIRIRAJ MULTISEPECIALITY HOSPITAL27 Navjyot Park 150 Ft Ring Road Rajkot, Gujarat9909971773
90SANJEEVANI MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALThakorgi Aarked, Second Floor, Behind Ambedkar Bhavan, Kothariya Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9662014078
91KUNDAN HOSPITAL LLPKundan Hospital, 5,Dholariya Nagar Corner, Gayatri Nagar Main Road, Rajkot, Gujarat7802097773
92SAURASHTRA CHILDREN HOSPITALSaurashtra Children Hospital, Nr Rajnagar Chowk, Nana Mava Main Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9408162856
93SITAPARA CHILDREN HOSPITALKanakiya Plot, Opp. Wadhwani Hospital Street, Opp. Sidapara Orthopedic Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat7874470100
94NIHIT BABYCARE CHILDREN HOSPITALTrishul Chowk, Laxminagar Main Road.Near Nana Mauva Road, Rajkot, Gujarat8460569535
95MARKANA CHILDREN HOSPITALVaniyawadi Main Road Near Bhaktinagar Circle Opp Sheth Highschool 80 Feet Toad Touch Rajkot, Gujarat9998823585
96MADHURAM HOSPITALAarogyam Children Hospital, Raj Nagar Chawk, Nana Mauva Main Road. Near Icici Bank Rajkot. Gujarat, Rajkot, Gujarat9825298328
97SHAKTI NICUShivam Park Main Road, Near Raiya Circle, 150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot-360007, Rajkot, Gujarat7026110920
98AAROGYAM CHILDRENS HOSPITALYash Hospital,2nd Floor, Heerapanna Complex, Post Office Chawk, Rajkot, Gujarat9824561578
99YASH HOSPITALMiracle Doctor House,4th Floor, Mahapoojadham Circle, Opp. Balaji Hall,150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot., Rajkot, Gujarat9662129056
100SHUBHAM CHILDREN HOSPITAL UPLETANear Bus Stand, Kolki Road, Upleta, Rajkot, Gujarat9979695998
101KALOLA CHILDREN HOSPITALPlot No. 1/B, 80 Feet Kothariya Main Road, Punit Society Corner, Opp. Ellora Bhagatsinghji Shopping Center, 360002, Rajkot, Gujarat9727583833
102NEPHRON KIDNEY HOSPITAL1st Floor, Kalrav Hospital Building, Navjyot Park Main Road, 150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot., Rajkot, Gujarat8200984834
103AYUSHMAN SYNERGY PRIVATE LIMITEDUnic Plaza Punit Nagar 80 Foot Road Madhuvan Park, Rajkot, Gujarat8849422112
104STAR SYNERGY HOSPITAL A UNIT OF SAURASHTRA MEDICARE LLPOpp. Vishveshwar Mahadev Temple, Mavdi Main Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9512140051
105MAA NICU LEVEL III CARE HOSPITAL1st Floor,Kalrav Hospital Building, Navjyot Park Main Road, 150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot., Rajkot, Gujarat9408924634
106SHREE SAMARPAN WELLNESS PVT LTD150ft Lakhna Bangala Road Nera Ramapir Chokdi Gandhigram Rajkot, Gujarat9099700861
107GOKUL LIFECARE PVT LTD GOKUL HOSPITAL VMR12/14 Manhar Plot, Vidhyanagar Main Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9727750303
108NEWCARE NAKSHKIRAN MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALAmruta Pediacare Hospitals, Opp Police Headquarters, Near Suvarnbhoomi,Rajkot, Gujarat9099546451
109SWASTIK MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALOpp. Cottage Government Hospital, Sardar Patel Road, Upleta., Rajkot, Gujarat7990156603
110SATNAM HOSPITALIndraprashthnagar Main Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9510462711
111SHREE GIRIRAJ HOSPITAL KUVADAVA A UNIT OF SHREE GIRIRAJ LIFECARE PVT. LTD.Shree Giriraj Hospital Kuvadava, Rajkot, Gujarat9726026307
112ASHIRWAD HOSPITAL150 Feet Ring Road,Mavadi Main Road,Mavadi Chokadi,Opp.Jithriya Hanuman Temple, Rajkot, Gujarat9427761027
113AMRUTA PEDIACARE HOSPITALSChrist Hospital, Madhapar, Jamnagar Road, Rajkot, Gujarat7026110920
115DIVYAM HOSPITALDivyam Hospital, Ganga Complex, Vidyanagar Main Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9825256578
116CHRIST HOSPITAL14, Sadguru Nagar, Kuvadva Road, Rajkot, Gujarat7621004087
117GOKUL HOSPITAL KUVADVA ROADSmt.Anilaben Kantilal Kothari Cancer Chikitsa Bhavan,1, Tirupatinagar, Raiya Road, Rajkot, Gujarat7820075200
118UNICARE HOSPITALSmt.Anilaben Kantilal Kothari Cancer Chikitsa Bhavan,1, Tirupatinagar, Raiya Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9825090894
119STERLING HOSPITALPlot No. 251, 150 Ft Ring Road, Nr. Raiya Circle., Rajkot, Gujarat9898638911
121HCG HOSPITALS RAJKOTAyodhya Chowk, Near Astha Avenue, Off. 150ft Ring Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9512940007
124N.M VIRANI WOCKHARDT HOSPITAL RAJKOTKalwad Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9484522688
125SAURASHTRA STONE CLINIC & RESEARCH INSTITUTE PVT. LTD.Vidyanagar Main Road, Rajkot, Gujarat8320880456
127SHRI PANCHNATH SARVAJANIK MEDICAL TRUSTLimbda Chwok, Panchnath Mandir, Rajkot, Gujarat9824407839
128JAYNATH HOSPITALBhaktinagar Circle Geeta Mandir Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9228381772
129KDP MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALAtkot -Rajkot Highway, Rajkot, Gujarat7698008181
83HARILAL JECHAND DOSHI HOSPITAL TRUSTMalaviya Nagar Gondal Road Rajkot, Gujarat7211140116
87RAJKOT CANCER SOCIETY AND ALLIED HOSPITALSSmt.Anilaben Kantilal Kothari Cancer Chikitsa Bhavan,1, Tirupatinagar,Raiya Road, Rajkot, Gujarat7025881042
114TELI HOSPITALNoorani Plot, Junagadh Road , Rajkot, Gujarat9723566149
120SRI SATHYA SAI HEART HOSPITALBehind Virani Science College, Sri Sathya Sai Marg, Off Kalawad Road, Rajkot, Gujarat9429470611
122JALARAM RAGHUKUL SARVJANIK HOSPITALShree Jalaram Raghukul Sarvajanik Hospital Near Panchavati Hall,B/H Shreenathaji Tower,Panchvati Cross Road,Rajkot-2 , Rajkot, Gujarat7490863518
123SHRI RAM SARVJANIK HOSPITALK V Road, Near Ramji Mandir, Gondal, Rajkot, Gujarat8347945800

List of Ayushman Card Hospitals in Rajkot
(List of Government Empaneled Hospitals in Rajkot under PMJAY Scheme)

1CHC JASDANPhc Bhimora, Near Primary School, Ta- Upleta, Dist – Rajkot, Gujarat7567876208
2CHC MOTIMARADNear Bus Stand, Motimarad, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876164
3CHC JAMKANDORANAChc Jamkandorna, Jamkandorna, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876207
4COTTAGE HOSPITAL,UPLETA.Cottage Hosptial, Upelta, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876155
5CHC BHAYAVADARChc Bhayavadar, Stattion Road, Opp. Old Kadva Patel Samaj, Bhayavadar, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876206
6GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL JETPURNr. Bust Stand, Sdh Jetpur, Rajkot, Gujarat9558985685
7REFERRAL HOSPITAL CHC PADDHARIChc Padadhari, Ta: Padadhari, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876215
8PADMAKUNVARBA HOSPITALPalace Road, Near Gundawadi Police Chowki, Rajkot, Gujarat8160401789
9CHC VIRPURChc Virpur, Ta: Jetpur, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876218
10GOVT.HOSPITAL GONDALCivil Hospital, Gondal, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876202
11CHC KOTDASANGANIChc Kotdasangani, Ta: Kotdasangani, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876160
12GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL DHORAJICivl Hospital, Dhoraji, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876201
14REFERAL HOSPITAL COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER KOLITHAKolithad, Ta: Gondal, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876209
15KUVADVA CHCChc Kuvadva, Ta: Rajkot, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876161
16CHC LODHIKAChc Lodhika, Ta: Lodhika, Rajkot, Gujarat7567876212
17PANDIT DEENDAYAL UPADHYAY HOSPITAL, RAJKOTCivil Hospital Chowk, Rajkot, Gujarat9586817711
18R.Z. HOSPITACivil Hosp. Chowk, Rajkot, Gujarat9909124450
19PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE AMARNAGARAmarnagar, Ta:Jetpur, Rajkot, Gujarat9978929030
20PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE AMRAPURVi: Amrapur, Ta: Vinchhiya, Rajkot, Gujarat6357439226
21PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE ATKOTAtkot -Rajkot Highway, Rajkot, Gujarat7574889445
22PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE BEDLABedla, Rajkot., Rajkot, Gujarat9687608961
23PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE BHADLABhadla, Ta: Jasdan, Rajkot, Gujarat7567877860
24PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE BHADLIBhadli, Ta: Vinchhiya, Rajkot, Gujarat7434997494
25PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE BHIMORAPhc Gadhaka, Ta.Dist.Rajkot, Gujarat9687618361
26PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE BORDI SAMDHIYALABordisamdhiyala, Ta: Jetpur, Rajkot, Gujarat9099963152
27PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE CHASIYAChhasiya, Ta: Vinchhiya, Dist: Rajkot, Gujarat7434997494
28PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE CHITRAVADChitravad, Ta: Jamkandorna, Rajkot, Gujarat9978929085
29PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE DERDI(KU)Nr.Bus Stand, Rajkot, Gujarat9727708331
30PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE DEVDHARIDevdhari, Ta: Vinchhiya, Rajkot, Gujarat7434997499
31PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE DHANKNr Busstand Dhank, Rajkot, Gujarat9727708610
32PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE DHOLIDHARDholidhar, Jamkandorna, Rajkot, Gujarat7573019947
33PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE GADHAKANear Busstand, Phc-Jetalsar, Rajkot, Gujarat7567877889
34PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE GOMTAGomta, Gondal, Rajkot, Gujarat6359630771
35PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE JETALSARNear Busstand,Phc-Jetalsar, Rajkot, Gujarat9687675001
36PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KALANAKalana, Ta: Dhoraji, Rajkot, Gujarat9727708601
37PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KAMLAPURJasdan Road Primary Health Center Kamlapur, Rajkot, Gujarat7434997491
38PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KANESARAKanesara, Ta: Jasdan, Rajkot, Gujarat9512008444
39PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KANPARVi: Kanpar, Ta: Jasdan, Rajkot, Gujarat9824968663
40PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KB DHAMKasturbadham, Rajkot Highway, Rajkot., Rajkot, Gujarat7434997552
41PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KHIRASARAMedical Officer Primary Health Centre Khirasara Tal Lodhika Dist Rajkot Pin 360021, Rajkot, Gujarat9265676032
42PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KHIRASRAKhirasara, Ta: Lodhika, Rajkot, Gujarat9909987811
43PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KHODAPIPARKhodapipar, Padadhari, Rajkot, Gujarat6357087440
44PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KHOKHALDALKhokhaddad, Ta: Padadhari, Rajkot, Gujarat9909987766
45PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE KOLKIPrimay Health Center Kolki, Rajkot, Gujarat9727708603
46PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE LILAPURPhc Lilapur, Ta: Jasdan, Rajkot, Gujarat7434997491
47PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE MEVASANew Plot Area At Mevasa Ta Jetpur, Rajkot, Gujarat9727717193
48PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE MODHUKAModhuka, Ta: Vinchhiya, Rajkot, Gujarat9904965723
49PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE MOTADADVAMotadadva, Ta: Gondal, Rajkot, Gujarat7573003741
50PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE MOVIYAPrimary Health Center , Govind Nagar, Moviya, Rajkot, Gujarat9909987706
51PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE NAGARPIPLIYAPhc Nagarpipliya, Rajkot, Gujarat7434997544
52PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE NARANKAPhc Naranka Village Naranka Dist Rajkot Ta. Kotdasangani , Rajkot, Gujarat9727272309
53PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE NAVI MENGANINavi Mengani, Rajkot, Gujarat9909987766
54PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE PANELI MOTISatavadi Road, Rajkot, Gujarat7405464956
55PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE PARDIPardi, Ta: Lodhika, Rajkot, Gujarat9727161630
56PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE PATANVAVKothari Chowck Patanvav, Rajkot, Gujarat9687618296
57PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE PIPARADIPipardi, Ta: Jasdan, Rajkot, Gujarat7069026352
58PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE RAMODSatapar Road, Ramod ,Tal.Kotdasangani , Rajkot, Gujarat9909987767
59PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE RAYDITo Raydi Opp Bsnl Telephone Exchange To Raydi Ta Jamkandorna, Rajkot, Gujarat9099963146
60PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SALPIPALIYASalpiplaiya, Padadhari, Rajkot, Gujarat7567875854
61PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SANOSARAAt-Sanosara, Via-Bedipara, Tal-Rajkot, Dist-Rajkot, Pin-360003, Rajkot, Gujarat9909982989
62PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SANTHALISanathali, Ta: Jasdan, Rajkot, Gujarat9825720466
63PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SARDHARSarhdar, Rajkot Highway, Rajkot., Rajkot, Gujarat9909982994
64PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SARPADADSarapdad, Rajkot, Gujarat9909982997
65PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SATODADSatodad, Ta: Jamkandorna, Rajkot, Gujarat9925182771
66PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SHIVRAJGADHTo Shivrajgadh Near Sagunschool, Rajkot, Gujarat9727708301
67PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SULTANPURNear New Busstand Opp Rdc Bank, Rajkot, Gujarat9727708321
68PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE SUPEDIPhc Supedi , Rajkot, Gujarat9727708622
69PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE TORANIYAPhc Toraniya, Rajkot, Gujarat8780094893
70PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE TRAKUDATrakuda, Ta; Gondal, Rajkot, Gujarat7202937693
71PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE VADODAt Village Vadod, Ta-Jasdan, Rajkot, Gujrat, Rajkot, Gujarat8154917402
72PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE VASAVADVasavad, Ta: Gondal, Rajkot, Gujarat9727708308
73DIVISIONAL RAILWAY HOSPITAL RAJKOTDivisional Railway Hospital , Kothi Compound, Rajkot, Gujarat9724094516
74SAURASHTRA CANCER CARE & RESEARCH INSTITUTESccri, Opp. B T Savani Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat9601602373

The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Rajkot reflects the Government’s dedication to its citizens’ health and well-being. With the Ayushman card, you can receive free treatment at private and government hospitals, easing the burden of medical expenses during challenging times. Embrace the benefits of this scheme and ensure a healthier and more secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

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