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The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Navsari, Gujarat, brings hope to those seeking quality healthcare without the burden of expenses. It falls under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), a government scheme that covers more than 23,000 private and government hospitals, providing access to top-notch medical facilities. In this article, we’ll explore how the Ayushman card grants you the privilege of free treatment and the list of hospitals in Navsari where you can avail of this benefit.

Benefits of Ayushman Card and Hospital List:

The Ayushman card ensures you can receive various medical treatments for free. To find the complete list of PMJAY hospitals, visit the official PMJAY website and find hospitals in your state and district. Hospitals under PMJAY will offer medical services at no cost once your Ayushman card is verified.

Extensive Coverage:

The Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a blessing for the middle class, especially when facing unexpected serious illnesses. It covers about 1,400 procedures, pre-hospitalization expenses for up to three days, post-hospitalization expenses for up to 15 days, and other relevant costs, providing much-needed financial relief during medical emergencies.

A Savior for the Middle Class:

During sudden and severe illnesses, the middle class often struggles with the strain on their budgets, resorting to loans or debts. However, with an Ayushman card, these individuals can breathe a sigh of relief, as it covers incidental expenses and provides peace of mind during difficult times.

Using Ayushman Card Hospitals in Navsari:

Suppose you possess an Ayushman card and want to use it in Navsari, worry not! The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Navsari includes 11 Private and 43 Government Hospitals where you can receive free treatment.

Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Other Cities of Gujarat

Here is a list of private and Government hospitals in Navsari that offer Ayushman Card treatment:

List of Ayushman Card Hospitals in Navsari
(List of Private Empaneled Hospitals in Navsari PMJAY Scheme)

1GRAM SEVA TRUSTKharel N H No 8 , Navsari, Gujarat9824191139
2AMRUTLAL DESAI GENERAL HOSPITALAmrutlal Desai General Hospital, Navsari, Gujarat9904168787
3MANGUSI GENERAL HOSPITALJawahar Road, Navsari, Gujarat9979554969
4NARENDRA JAMNADAS DAMANIA SARC, HOSPITALGandevi, Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat8758497545
5SPANDAN HOSPITAL MANAGED BY KAIZEN GROUPN H No 48 Next To Saffron Hotel Thala, Navsari, Gujarat8866655541
6MAA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALHanumanbri Char Rasta, , Navsari, Gujarat7226060222
7ORANGE HOSPITALThakorwadi Street, Navsari, Gujarat6354910365
8BA SMT LILABEN CHIMANLAL PARIKH CANCER CENTREM G G Civil Hospital Campus Station Road Navsari , Navsari, Gujarat7575036444
10YASHFEEN CARDIAC HOSPITALViraval , Near Yashfeen Hospital, Navsari, Gujarat9327660110
11KEJAL LIFE IN MULTIISPECIIALITY HOSPITALN.H 48, Opp Swaminarayan Temple, Kabilpore Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat6352657862

List of Ayushman Card Hospitals in Navsari
(List of Government Empaneled Hospitals in Navsari under PMJAY Scheme)

1R.H CHC KHADSUPARefrat Hospital Khadsupa, Navsari, Gujarat7567873669
2R.H CHC AMBADAR H Chc Ambada Ta Dist Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat7567873661
3R.H CHC MANDIRMandir Ta Jalalpore, Navsari, Gujarat7016776201
4CHC CHIKHLIR.H Chc Chikhli Near Busstand Chikhli Dist Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat7567873670
5R.H CHC GANDEVIOpp Sbi Bank Gandevi, Navsari, Gujarat7567873684
6R.H CHC RUMLAChc Rumla Ta Chikhli Dist Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat7567873678
7R.H CHC KHERGAMBalej Road Khergam, Navsari, Gujarat7567873676
8CHC LIMZARLimzar Ta Vansada Dist Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9979181384
9CHC MAROLIChhinam Road Nr Geb Ta Jalalpore Dist Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat8849748775
10M.G.GENERAL HOSPITAL, CIVIL NAVSARIOpp Jehangir Cinema Station Road Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9687685804
11COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE AMALSADAmalsad Ta Gandevi District Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat8238063957
12PRIMARY HELATH CENTRE TANKALAt: Tankal, Ta: Chikhali, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704056
13PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER KANDOLPADANear Kandolpada Cross Road, At Lakhawadi, Po Kandolpada, Navsari, Gujarat9727704060
14PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER CHOVISIPrimary Health Center Chovisi,Opp Gram Panchayat, Moti Chovisi , Navsari, Gujarat7069064480
15PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER SAGARAAt: Sagara, Ta: Jalalpor, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704030
16PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER NAGDHARAAt: Nagdhara, Ta: Navsari, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704024
17PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER ACHHAVANIAt: Achhavani, Ta: Khergam, Dist: Navsari, 396040, Navsari, Gujarat9727704051
18PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER ANKLACHHAt, Anklachh, Ta: Vansda, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704058
19PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER DHANORIAt Post Dhanori Ta Gandevi Dist Navsari 396360, Navsari, Gujarat9727704038
20PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER FADVELAt Po Fadvel ,Ta Chikhli Dist Navsari Gujarat 396540, Navsari, Gujarat9727704048
21PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER VESMAAt, Vesma , Ta: Jalalpor, Dist: Navsari, 396475, Navsari, Gujarat9727704033
22PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER MUNSADAt: Munsad, Ta: Navsari, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704025
23PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER RANVERIKALLAt, Ranverikalla, Ta Chikhali, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704044
24PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER SADAKPOREAt Po, Sadakpor, Ta. Chikhali, Dist. Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat7567874550
25PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER ALIPORENational Highway 48, Alipore, Tal. Chikhli, Gujarat 396409, Navsari, Gujarat9727704043
26PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER BIGARIAt Ponsari Post Bigri Madhale Falia, Navsari, Gujarat9727704040
27PRIMARI HEALTH CENTER GADATAt: Gadat, Ta: Gandevi, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704037
28PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER GHEJAt: Ghej, Ta: Chikhali, Dist: Navsari 396521, Navsari, Gujarat9727704054
29PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER GHODMALAt Po Ghodmal Ta Vansda Di Navsari , Navsari, Gujarat9727704059
30PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER HONDAt Hond, Hn 48, Main Road, Ta. Chikhali, Dist. Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704055
31PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER KACHHOLIAt: Kachholi, Nr, Gandhighar Disability School, Ta: Gandevi, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704035
32PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER MAHUVASAt: Mahuvas, Ta: Vansda, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704061
33PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER MANKUNIAAt: Mankunia Ta. Vansda, Dist: Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704062
34PHC MENDHARMendhar Kolivad, Navsari, Gujarat9727704036
35PHC KESLIKesli, Navsari, Gujarat9727704039
36PHC KUKERIAt Po Kukeri Torvan Faliya Ta Chikhli Dist Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704045
37PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER ADADANr.Bank Of Baroda, Adada, Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9727704022
38COTTAGE HOSPITAL VANSDACanara Bank, Near Vansda City Rd, Vansda, Ta.Vansda, Dist.Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat8238005094
39PHC GURUKULSUPANear Bhut Bangla, Gurukulsupa, Navsari, Gujarat9727704023
40REFRRAL HOSPITAL AND COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE TANKALReferral Hospital And Community Health Center Tankal Near Char Rasta Ta Chikhli Dist Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat9687255344
41PHC RANKUVAPrimary Health Centre Rankuva, At Post Rankuva, Near Post Office Rankuva, , Navsari, Gujarat9687689067
42NIRALI MEMORIAL MEDICAL TRUSTA.M. Naik Healthcare Complex, Navsari, Gujarat7573948433
43NIRALI MEMORIAL MEDICAL TRUSTA M Naik Healthcare Complex, Navsari, Gujarat9619346686

The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Navsari reflects the Government’s dedication to its citizens’ health and well-being. With the Ayushman card, you can receive free treatment at private and government hospitals, easing the burden of medical expenses during challenging times. Embrace the benefits of this scheme and ensure a healthier and more secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

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