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The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Botad, Gujarat, brings hope to those seeking quality healthcare without the burden of expenses. It falls under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), a government scheme that covers more than 23,000 private and government hospitals, providing access to top-notch medical facilities. In this article, we’ll explore how the Ayushman card grants you the privilege of free treatment and the list of hospitals in Botad where you can avail of this benefit.

Benefits of Ayushman Card and Hospital List:

The Ayushman card ensures you can receive various medical treatments for free. To find the complete list of PMJAY hospitals, visit the official PMJAY website and find hospitals in your state and district. Hospitals under PMJAY will offer medical services at no cost once your Ayushman card is verified.

Extensive Coverage:

The Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a blessing for the middle class, especially when facing unexpected serious illnesses. It covers about 1,400 procedures, pre-hospitalization expenses for up to three days, post-hospitalization expenses for up to 15 days, and other relevant costs, providing much-needed financial relief during medical emergencies.

A Savior for the Middle Class:

During sudden and severe illnesses, the middle class often struggles with the strain on their budgets, resorting to loans or debts. However, with an Ayushman card, these individuals can breathe a sigh of relief, as it covers incidental expenses and provides peace of mind during difficult times.

Using Ayushman Card Hospitals in Botad:

If you possess an Ayushman card and want to use it in Botad, worry not! The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Botad includes both Private and Government Hospitals where you can receive free treatment.

Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Other Cities of Gujarat

Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Botad

Here is a list of private and Government hospitals in Botad that offer Ayushman Card treatment:

List of Ayushman Card Hospitals in Botad
(List of Private Empaneled Hospitals in Botad under PMJAY Scheme)

1SABIHA SARVAJANIK GENERAL HOSPITALKhoja Wadi,Harankui Road,Navnala, Botad, Gujarat9879647272
2JIVANDHARA HOSPITALPaliyad Road Botad, Botad, Gujarat9723529786
3BOTAD DOCTOR HOUSESaanvi Hospital, Haveli Chowk, Near Satwara Boarding, Botad, Botad, Gujarat9998613699
4SHIVARTH ORTHOPEDIC HOSPITAL & PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTER2nd Floor, M K Complex, Opp. Rokadiya Hanuman Temple, Paliyad Road, Botad-364710, Botad, Gujarat9712945162
5ANKUR CHILDERN HOSPITAL AND NEONATAL CARE CENTRESaanvi Hospital, Haveli Chowk, Near Satwara Boarding, Botad, Botad, Gujarat9687600728
6SHIVAM CHILDREN HOSPITALShivam Hospital Bharat Society, Botad, Gujarat9909946967
7SAANVI HOSPITAL & PRASUTI GRUHSaanvi Hospital , Haveli Chowk, Near Satwara Boarding, Botad, Botad, Gujarat9904099599
8VATSHLAY WOMEN AND DHAIRYA CHILDERN HOSPITALFortune Urology Clinic, Yogi Mansi Mall, First Floor, Paliyad Road Botad, Botad, Gujarat9825522951
9AMAR NEOCHILD CARE HOSPITALVisaman Market Same, Paliyad Road, Botad, Gujarat7009267092
10FORTUNE UROLOGY CLINICBehind Visaman Market, Near Boys School. Off.Paliyad Road, Botad, Botad, Gujarat9558595585
11PATEL HOSPITAL AND TRAUMA CENTERAnukr Children Hospital And Neonatal Care Centre, Opp Bus Stand Paliyad Road Botad, Botad, Gujarat9054820669

List of Ayushman Card Hospitals in Botad
(List of Government Empaneled Hospitals in Botad under PMJAY Scheme)

1COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE BOTADSonavala Hospital, Near Railway Crossing, Botad-364710, Botad, Gujarat9724846779
2COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE GADHADASama Kaanthe Adtala Road Gadhada, Botad, Gujarat9023126995
3COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE PALIYADNear St Stand Paliyad, Botad, Gujarat9427181535
4COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE LATHIDADChc Lathidad At Lathidad Ta Botad Dist Botad , Botad, Gujarat9427181535
5PHC TATAMPrimary Health Center Tatam Pipaiiya Road Ta Gadhada Dist Botad, Botad, Gujarat9727779719
6PHC DHASAUphc-2,Javernagar, Botad, Gujarat9727779721
7COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER RANPURBlock Office Nr Chc Ranpur Gujarat 382245, Botad, Gujarat9714301685
8CHC BARWALABhavnagar Highway Near Police Station, Botad, Gujarat9737001127
9PHC BHIMNATHSchool Near Bhimnath Phc, Botad, Gujarat9099064633
10PHC JALILAAt Jalila Ta Ranpur Dist Botad 382255, Botad, Gujarat8454994252
11PHC KHOPALANear S T Bus Stand Gadhali, Botad, Gujarat7567883131
12PHC TURKHAPhc Turkha, Botad, Gujarat7567883134
13PHC GADHALIGram Panchayat Building Near, Nava Navda, Botad, Gujarat9727779720
14PHC SALANGPURSalangpur, Botad, Gujarat7567862097
15PHC UMRALADevadhari Road Turkha, Botad, Gujarat9712964706
16PHC BHADRAVADIBhadravadi, Ta. Botad, Dist. Botad, Botad, Gujarat9924411054
17PHC-ZAMRALAGram Panchant Near. Zamrala, Botad, Gujarat9099094801
18PHC SARVAGram Panchant Near. Sarva, Botad, Gujarat9099094802
19PHC MOTIKUNDALNear Gangaba High School, Motikundal, Botad, Gujarat7069069758
20PHC NAGNESHPhc Nagnesh Ta,Botad Dist,Botad, Botad, Gujarat7984951118
21PHC-LAKHENIGadhada Road ,Shivpara ,Botad, Botad, Gujarat7433953863
22PRIMARI HEALTH CENTER NAVDAUphc-2, Javernagar, Botad, Gujarat9099064259
23PHC KHASNear Busstand, Khas, Botad, Gujarat9727710556

The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Botad reflects the government’s dedication to its citizens’ health and well-being. With the Ayushman card, you can receive free treatment at private and government hospitals, easing the burden of medical expenses during challenging times. Embrace the benefits of this scheme and ensure a healthier and more secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

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