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The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, brings hope to those seeking quality healthcare without the burden of expenses. It falls under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), a government scheme that covers more than 23,000 private and government hospitals, providing access to top-notch medical facilities. In this article, we’ll explore how the Ayushman card grants you the privilege of free treatment and the list of hospitals in Agra where you can avail of this benefit.

Benefits of Ayushman Card and Hospital List:

The Ayushman card ensures you can receive various medical treatments for free. To find the complete list of PMJAY hospitals, visit the official PMJAY website and find hospitals in your state and district. Hospitals under PMJAY will offer medical services at no cost once your Ayushman card is verified.

Extensive Coverage:

The Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a blessing for the middle class, especially when facing unexpected serious illnesses. It covers about 1,400 procedures, pre-hospitalization expenses for up to three days, post-hospitalization expenses for up to 15 days, and other relevant costs, providing much-needed financial relief during medical emergencies.

A Savior for the Middle Class:

During sudden and severe illnesses, the middle class often struggles with the strain on their budgets, resorting to loans or debts. However, with an Ayushman card, these individuals can breathe a sigh of relief, as it covers incidental expenses and provides peace of mind during difficult times.

Using Ayushman Card Hospitals in Agra:

Suppose you possess an Ayushman card and want to use it in Agra, worry not! The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Agra includes 58 Private and 23 Government Hospitals where you can receive free treatment.

Here is a list of private and Government hospitals in Agra that offer Ayushman Card treatment:

Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Other Cities of Uttar Pradesh

List of Ayushman Card Hospitals in Agra
(List of Private Empaneled Hospitals in Agra PMJAY Scheme)

1BLOSSOM SUPERSPECIALITIES2,Khandari Quarters, Master Plan Road, Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9359506910
2SPARSH MALHOTRA HOSPITAL5, Khandari Quarter, Master Plan Road, Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7500977770
3RK HOSPITALNear Kailash Talkies ,Fatihabad Road , Tajganj,Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9411463005
4OM MEDICAL COMPLEX KHANDARI AGRA37 Khandari Road Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9412258144
5RAVI HOSPITAL1/55 Delhi Gate , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9756625668
6JEEVAN JYOTI HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTER PVT LTDSec. 1 Awas Vikas Colony Bodla, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9897029148
7S S HOSPITALNear Universal Petrol Pump Hariparwat, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9760034708
8YASHWANT HOSPITAL AND TRAUMA CENTREA-45 (Near Dla Press), New Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9758876040
9NIDHI EYE AND MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITALJanta Colony, Shahganj , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9412812773
10CHANDRA ORTHOPEDIC AND MATERNITY CENTER1/198, Civil Lines, Professor Colony, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9837056224
11SHREEKRISHNA2000D-14 Phase-2, Trans Yamuna Colony Rambagh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8954002525
12UPADHYAY HOSPITAL4 C Daya Nagar Shaheed Nagar Crossing, Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8476010137
13NAVDEEP HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE65, Saket Colony, Shahganj, Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9319118603
14JAI HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRENehru Nagar , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9897048048
15JAVITRI DEVI MEMORIAL HOSPITAL51/10-J/19- West Arjun Nagar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9412888696
16PURUSHOTTAMDAS SAVITRIDEVI CANCER CARE AND RESEARCH CENTRE605 Neerav Nikunj Delhi Agra Bye Pass Road Sikandra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9359815531
17G R HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTER PVT LTDBarauli Ahir Shamshabad Road Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9627244144
18R S NURSING HOMEMain Road,Fatehabad Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9759669339
19BONA MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITALNear Railway Over Bridge Agra Road Samsabad, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9759752839
20AGARWAL HOSPITALG 35 Kamla Nagar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9760021595
21PRIYANSHU HOSPITALPlot No 30 Durga Enclave Behind Basera Hights Fatehabad Road , Agra, Uttar Pradesh7451914108
22WIMS HOSPITALMg Road Opp Sanjay Palace , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9389806561
23J.K HOSPITAL126 Mig Shaheed Nagar , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9720320907
24LOTUS SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITALVinayak Mall, Diwani Xing, M G Road, Agra-282002, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8958951100
25UJALA CYGNUS RAINBOW HOSPITALA/3, Suraj Vihar Colony, Near Guru Ka Taal, Sikandra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9897099333
26KRISHNA HOSPITALSemri Taal Deori Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8909185953
27OM SAI NATH ORTHO CARE CETTRENew Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7500633000
28KG NURSING HOME15/312 Noori Gate, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9756330050
29CHUAHAN HOSPITALP11-12 Near Ada Office Kalindi Vihar 100 Feet Road Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9412214848
30DR ANOOP DIXIT HOSPITAL6d/947 Central Park Avas Vikas Colony, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9997772009
31PUSHPANJALI HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE PVT LTDPushpanjali Palace Delhi Gate, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8954893910
32SHANTI VED INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCESKhashra No 610 Kakretha Sikandra , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9105649802
33GALAXY HOSPITAL A UNIT OF TPG HEALTH CARE PVT LTD1/193/10, Bagh Farzana, Cilvil Line Agra , Agra, Uttar Pradesh7726848331
34G G MEDICAL INSTITUTE AND RESEARCH CENTER106/2 Sanjay Place Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7088003804
35RAM TEJ HOSPITAL18 A/6c Vibhav Nagar Road Agra , Tajganj , Agra , Uttar Pradesh , 282001, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9412431205
36RAMVED HOSPITALSA16 New Agra , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9837308536
37MEDIHOPE HOSPITAL AND FERTILITY CENTRE103, Old Vijay Nagar Colony, Near Vijay Nagar Police Chowki, Agra,, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7520114545
38PRABHA HOSPITAL & TRAUMA CENTRENh-2 Bye Pass Road Sikandra Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9837040871
39APEX MULTISPECILTY HOSPITAL PVT LTD2a,2b,2c Yadav Nagar Colony, Near Mandi Samiti, Nh-2 Firozabad Road , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9759215602
40PAREEK HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE4/10 Bagh Farzana, Civil Lines, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8439803051
41PEOPLES HERITAGE HOSPITAL PVT LTD7/52 A1 Jawahar Nagar Bye Pass Road Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9319122030
42AMARNATH HOSPITALF-3,Trans Yamuna Colony Phase-Ii Rambagh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9412162650
43CENTRE FOR SIGHT AGRA1st 2nd Floor Ashoka Plaza Near Bhagwan Talkies Flyover Jawahar Nagar , Agra, Uttar Pradesh9650044492
44SHAKUNTLA DEVI NURSING HOME FATHEBADAgra Road Fatedabadh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9412342927
45SARTHAK NURSING HOMESarthak Nursing Home G-23 Kamla Nager Bye Pass Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9837067939
46GOYAL CITY HOSPITALD-3, Trans Yamuna Colony, Rambagh, Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7060992805
47RASHMI MEDICARE AND RESEARCH CENTRE331, Shreenathpuram , Mughal Road , Kamla Nagar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8890957279
48DR KAMLESH TANDON HOSPITAL AND TEST TUBE BABY CENTREBagh Farzana Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8791143560
49KAILASH KANTA HOSPITAL & MATERNITY HOME05 Shaheed Nagar , Near Police Chowki Agra 282001, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9837045090
50R P MEDICARE25/51/1 Gandhinagar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8958567070
51AGRA HEART CENTRE5, Church Road, Civil Lines, Ram Nagar Colony, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9412396428
52BM MEDICAL & RESEARCH CENTRE PVT.LTD.Bm Medical And Research Center Pvt.Ltd., Agra, Uttar Pradesh9219536032
53NETRA BHAWAN LASER SIGHT I PVT LTD215 Manas Nagar Bodla Road Shahganj Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh6399883344
54NETRA JYOTI KENDRANetra Jyoti Kendra,165,Nehru Nagar Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9837022020
55S R MEDICAL INSTITUTE RESEARCH CENTRELauries Complex Namner Road Near Sai Ka Takia Crossing, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9927495081
56NATIONAL HOSPITALRatan Complex Near Kamayani Hospital Sikandra Agra Uttar Pradesh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9997787177
57SRI PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA DHARMARTHA NETRA CHIKITSALAYASri Paramhansa Yogananda Dharmartha Netra Chikitsalaya D-45 Site-C Industrial Area Sikandra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9958804437
58ANAND MANGAL HOSPITALC-2/51, Kamla Nagar,Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8377008744

List of Ayushman Card Hospitals in Agra
(List of Government Empaneled Hospitals in Agra under PMJAY Scheme)

1DISTRICT HOSPITAL MALE AGRAMg Road, Sai Ka Takia, Chhipitola, Agra , Agra, Uttar Pradesh8005192703
2DISTRICT WOMEN HOSPITALDistrict Women Hospital Raja Ki Mandi Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7906143757
3SNMCMoti Katra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9927000353
4INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH AND HOSPITAL AGRAInstitute Of Mental Health And Hospital, Mathura Road, Agra-282002, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9837026172
5COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER BICHPURICommunity Health Center Near Railway Station Bichpuri Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9536944944
6COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER ETMADPURCommunity Health Center Etmadpur Near Hp Petrol Pump, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9756391177
7COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER JAGNERTantpur Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9058175657
8COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER AKOLAChc Akola, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9557789862
9COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER KHERAGARHKheragarh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8077326084
10COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER JAITPURKALANChc Jaitpurkalan, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7983997382
11COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER ACHHNERAStation Road Achhnera, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9359843300
12COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER SHAMSHABADCommunity Health Center Shamshabad, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8445013050
13COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER PINAHATChc Pinahat, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9557132881
14COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER BAROLI AHEER AGRAChc Baroli Aheer Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7042490478
15COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER FATEHPUR SIKRIFatehpur Sikri, Agra, Uttar Pradesh7906981913
16COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER FATEHABADChc Fatehabad, Badshahi Bagh , Agra, Uttar Pradesh8194006145
17COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER KHANDOLINear Hp Petrol Pump Khandoli, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8077614608
18COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER SAIYANSaiyan Crossing Saiyan, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9759009656
19COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER BAHBah, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9837334301
20COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER ANWALKHERAMaa Baghwati Devi Chc Anwalkhera, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8191877949
21COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE KIRAOLINear Sabji Mandi Kiraoli, Agra – Jaipur Highway, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9335721486
22COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER BATESHWARChc Bateshwar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh8279605737
23DIVISIONAL RAILWAY HOSPITALDivisional Railway Hospital Agra Cantt, Agra, Uttar Pradesh9760536503

The Ayushman Card Hospitals List in Agra reflects the Government’s dedication to its citizens’ health and well-being. With the Ayushman card, you can receive free treatment at private and government hospitals, easing the burden of medical expenses during challenging times. Embrace the benefits of this scheme and ensure a healthier and more secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

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